Blanking: The First Step in the Part’s Journey


Blanking: From Blank to Finished Product

As a contract metal fabricating company, Church Metal Spinning, is proud to offer a variety of services, from prototyping to fulfilling low production volumes of sheet metal parts (1 to 50,000). Our precision fabrication capabilities encompass a wide variety of aspects in metal spinning, rolled/welded cylinders & welded assemblies.


From Blank to Finished Product

As every journey begins with the first step, the first sequence of every part is the blank. For a majority of our contractor parts, a laser cut sheet metal blank is the first step to creating a finished precision fabricated metal part. The starting points for many of these blanks is our Mitsubishi GX Fiber Laser. This machine system is the keystone of our mission to deliver precision fabricated parts in a timely manner by minimizing the time between scheduling the job and beginning the conversion of raw materials to completed Customer parts.

With improved machines that have faster cutting speeds and automation of sheet on/off, our product production has increased tenfold. This means we have more capacity available as we increase the utilization of our downstream fabrication machines. Increased efficiency has allowed us to pursue other part improvements like adding additional features to the blanks, to eliminate secondary trimming or cutting operations.

Other areas we have been able to expand upon are:

  • Responding quickly to Customer demand spikes without crowding out previous Customer commitments
  • Increasing our use of planned pilot runs to confirm new part production processes and tooling
  • Producing in house low-volume perforated blanks


Updates to Our Machinery

To further support fabrication and maintain control over time and tolerance, we have also added an automated saw.  With this piece of machinery, we cut tubing and light gage structural to integrate into complete fabricated parts.  With this improvement, we can now confidently hold to within 0.010” and better.

Metal Spinning is in our name and is the core of our business. Our investment in machinery is matched with a team of dedicated professionals producing high quality precision fabricated sheet metal parts. We are all looking forward to the opportunity to provide our services to new and existing Customers.


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