Church Metal Spinning

The people, processes, and equipment to meet our Customers needs and exceed expectations.

Creating precision cylindrical parts from steel and stainless steel sheet up to 1/4” thick - Prototype to low volume production up to 50,000 piece EAU


Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning allows for precision forming of concentric round parts with depth, includes things such as conicals, venturis, reducers, vessels and covers. . . 

Assembly & Fabrication

Our Assembly & Fabrication components complement our other processes to provide complete parts or assemblies. . .

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting offers blanking with pre-cut features - providing low initial commitment & quicker response to changes; plus, 5-axis cutting. . .

Custom Cylinders & Tubes

From 5” to 20” up to 12 gage thick. Blanks for spun or press formed parts and custom light gage tubing. . .



Are you integrating spun parts into a complete assembly? Allow Church Metal to finish the assemblies.

Spun Parts and Products

The majority of our spun parts and products are made from steel and stainless steel, up to 1/4″ steel and 3/16″ stainless steel.

Laser Cut Parts

We provide laser cut parts to our OEM customers to specification. Our emphasis is on steel and stainless steel in thicknesses ranging from 20ga to 1/2″.

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