Cylinder Forming: New Laser Seam Welding Machine


Firing on All Cylinders: Advancement in our Cylinder Forming Capabilities

We’ve got big news regarding our cylinder forming capabilities! To better serve our Customers, Church Metal Spinning has invested in a new laser seam welding machine that will be delivered in August. The machine will improve our ability to meet the most demanding weld requirements and greatly increase our capacity to produce cylinders.

Cylinder Welding

Traditionally, most metal spun parts start with a round disc as a blank; which is then spun to create a cylindrical shape with features.  Increasingly, Church Metal is forming parts from a rolled & welded cylinder.  This updated method of spinning or pressing with a cylinder form can help to:

  • Achieve depth more quickly than the part can be spun, potentially decreasing cost
    • Reduce need for pre-forms
    • Reduce work hardening of material
  • Maintain a more accurate and rounder cylinder diameter than achievable thru spinning
  • Maintain material thickness at nominal – instead of reducing thickness thru forming
  • Allow for features to be added to the cylinder area of the part while cutting the blank, rather than after forming, saving time and improving accuracy

The style of forming works best where the major and minor diameters of the tube are parallel to the center line and the reduction from the major diameter to the small diameter is less than 5 inches. Cylinder spin forming is commonly used for coupling reducers in air flow & in fluid or product conveying processes.

Our Capabilities

Church Metal has the capability to roll/weld up to 24” in diameter and 40” in length in steel and stainless steel up to 12ga in thickness.  Our primary focus is cylinders made from 16/14ga 304, 409 and 439 stainless steel – from 5” to 15” in diameter and less than 30” in length.  Overall, Church Metal makes parts from steel and stainless steel up to ¼”.

Our new laser welding machine is considered best in class and used by many OEM’s in welding their end products. The machine is setup to use laser only, or to add cold wire during welding for the most demanding weld requirements. The machine is expected to increase our existing seam welding capacity by three times our current volume.  We’re very excited about this machine’s approaching arrival and what it will do for our ability to serve our Customers.

new laser seam welder for cylinder forming

If you’re interested in our cylinder forming services, contact us to get a quote or more information by calling our office at (414) 461-6460 or sending an email to

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