Laser Cutting Services – An Update to Our Capabilities


Laser Cutting Services at Church Metal Spinning

Precise, efficient, and powerful – laser cutting services are the way forward. At Church Metal, we are proud to offer premium laser cutting services in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Our Story

Since 1980, Church Metal has been laser cutting, providing our customers with quality workmanship. It was the first service offering current owner, Kim Herro invested in when she took control of the company’s direction; she and the team saw the potential in the field and have worked to build upon this capability of the company to help customers have access to fast, dependable, high quality laser cutting services at cost-effective pricing.

laser cutting services

As demand has increased, there has been continued expansion in this capability. Our most recent laser acquisition is Mitsubishi’s 8kw GX Fiber laser. With this new machine, Church Metal is running with an automated load/un-load system and cutting with up to 1/4″ carbon steel and 1/2″ stainless with Nitrogen for a clean cut. The investment has tripled the capacity of our flat cutting with lower scrap rates, improved edge quality and faster completion rates.

While the GX fiber laser has expanded capacity and efficiency, we also offer 5-axis laser cutting, ideal for trimming or adding features to curved parts or angular cuts – including our spun metal parts. Our focus here is on cutting steel and stainless steels from 24 gauge to 1/2” thickness.

laser cutting services

As a result of new machines and updates to our procedures for heightened efficiency, Church Metal is seeking additional work from new and current customers in order to take advantage of the increased capacity.

If you’re interested in our laser cutting services, contact us to get a quote or more information by calling our office at (414) 461-6460 or sending an email to !

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