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We’re on a roll – experts in rolling & welding cylinders!

Church Metal Spinning Company is an expert in rolling & welding cylinders. Since our initial investment in rolling and seam welding machinery over 15 years ago, we have built upon and refined this service to be one of our core capabilities. Our team is efficient and thorough, producing thousands of cylinders per week for a variety of industries. We also have recently purchased a new automated rolling machine to aid in expanding our capacity for both current and new customers.

Church Metal can provide plain cylinders, cylinders with pre-cut features, or cylinders with additional forming to provide complete cylindrical parts. Our current abilities allow for rolling and welding of cylinders from 5” to 20” in diameter, up to 14ga thickness. We believe that our Customer’s requirements should drive sizing, not the availability of standard tubing sizes.  We are eager to work collaboratively through the design process to meet our client’s needs.

Meanwhile, our welding process is designed to produce strong ductile welds that can not only hold up against multi-pass spin and press forming, but meet our Customer’s structural requirements. We weld the following materials: 304, 316, 321, 409, and 439 stainless steel & low carbon steel.

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